Paid Media

Our Approach to Paid Advertising

Custom Audit & Competitor Analysis

We understand that all brands are different, and that’s directly reflected in our PPC management service audit process. Our PPC campaign management team starts by diving into every aspect of our client’s PPC advertising accounts. We’ll take note of what’s currently working well and catch areas of your strategy that miss the mark, helping you save money for
more lucrative advertising investments that work to complement your marketing budget. The result is an in-depth roadmap to pay-per-click advertising success that integrates into your overall digital strategy and goals

Paid Media Services Selection

Once we gain a better understanding of your online advertising goals, we’ll recommend specific channels and tactics for your brand. Advertising objectives for Paid Media channels range anywhere from direct sales/leads to brand awareness to lead nurturing and more. With our PPC service, we develop a custom strategy for your brand and deploy a team with expertise across all major ad platforms. PPC campaign management and search engine marketing? We’ve got you covered! Display advertising and PPC campaigns? You bet!
AdWords management is right up our alley. Retargeting, social networks, and video ad networks? You catch our drift.

Optimization & Reporting

Our work is never done. We are constantly analyzing and optimizing your campaign data. From bid management and keyword/placement optimization to audience assessment, improvement to ad copy optimization to click through rate as well as landing page optimization, we’ve got you covered.

What’s more, our team provides easily digestible, comprehensive reports on a weekly and monthly basis so that you clearly understand how your ad spend is performing.

Our Approach to Paid Advertising

A successful digital marketing campaign goes beyond a single channel. Paid Media services play a vital role in the creation of a winning marketing mix. We invest time into learning your brand, customers, industry, and unique offerings to determine which Paid Media channels
benefit your bottom line, get the best return on investment, and where they fit within your
overall marketing strategy.


Thumb-Stopping Ad Creative

We design highly engaging ad creative with your business goals in mind. This is a strategic process in which we ask ourselves:

  • What is the brand’s Unique Selling Proposition?
  • Does our ad copy provide a clear user experience across ad text and landing page?
  • Is our ad copy & Display Ad imagery relevant to the queries people are searching & websites people are browsing?
  • How can we elicit a memorable, emotional response from your audience?

Proven Landing Pages

Tried, tested, and true, our landing pages are designed to drive revenue and leads. We utilize a suite of top-caliber tools to improve user experience via our landing pages. Key elements include:

  • Strong CTAs
  • Continual A/B Testing
  • CRO
  • Persona Messaging
  • Quality Score

Forward-Thinking Targeting Strategies

We assess your target market(s) and customize all available targeting criteria provided by each Paid Media platform. For Paid Search campaigns in particular, we go beyond keyword targeting, and we segment audiences by important demographics, geographics, and psychographics including:

  • Keywords
  • Day & Time-of-Day
  • Household Income
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Device
  • Behavior while on-site

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